Residential Valuations

Leasehold Valuations

Valuations of long leasehold interests are provided for individuals wishing to acquire the freehold interest in their property. Instructions are normally received from Solicitors for work of this type. If required, we are able to negotiate and, hopefully, agree a settlement figure with the freeholders or their agents for the acquisition of the freehold interest in the property.

Matrimonial/Family Valuations

Valuations are often required when the family home is subject to matrimonial or other family proceedings as a result of a divorce, or a will or settlement. These are normally instructed via Solicitors although private instructions are sometimes accepted.
We are able to act either as a singly appointed Valuer acting for one party, or as a jointly instructed Valuer acting for both or all parties.
These reports are prepared in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules, Part 35.

Probate Valuations

Often on the death of an individual a valuation is required for probate and Inheritance Tax purposes. These instructions are almost invariably received via a Solicitor. Valuations are prepared in accordance with the RICS Appraisal and Valuation Manual 2014.

Valuations for Purchase

A valuation for an individual purchasing a property is often accompanied by a survey of the property, either a Homebuyers’ Survey and Valuation or Building Survey. Occasionally, however, a simple Market Valuation is required and these are prepared in accordance with the RICS Appraisal and Valuation Manual 2014.

Retrospective Valuations

Retrospective valuations of properties are sometimes needed, for example, when an assessment of Capital Gains Tax is required.
We are able to provide retrospective valuations as far back as 1982, using our database of records from that time.
Valuations of this kind can only be prepared within postcode areas CF31 – CF36 and SA1 – SA18.

Specialised Valuations

In addition to the above, a variety of more specialised valuations are sometimes prepared.
Examples would be valuations under the Charities Act, valuations for pension funds, valuations for accounting purposes. All these are prepared in accordance with the particular applicable section of the RICS Appraisal and Valuation Manual 2014.