Party Wall Awards

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 was brought into force to regulate and control development which takes place between adjoining neighbours. It applies to residential and commercial property.
Party Wall Awards are needed when significant work is done to a party structure between two properties, or when excavation for foundations takes place close to a neighbour’s boundary.

We are experienced in the preparation of Party Wall Awards, acting either as an Agreed Surveyor or as the Party Wall Surveyor to Building or Adjoining Owner.
The principle behind the Party Wall etc Act is to allow development to take place providing it is done in a proper manner, having due regard to the safety and property rights of those neighbours who are affected.

As a company we have been involved in several major commercial schemes acting for developers and large Housing Associations. We are also able to represent individual house owners.
Public knowledge concerning the Party Wall Act is often sketchy, and there are many misunderstandings of the role of both The Act and Party Wall Surveyor.

For that reason we offer a free telephone consultation service of up to thirty minutes for individuals wishing to discuss potential party wall problems affecting their property.