Commercial mediation is the most commonly used method of Alternative Dispute Resolution. It has been used in several countries over many years as an alternative to litigation and as a means of resolving problems between parties.

Mediation has the advantage of being a low cost and effective means of dealing with disputes. It does not prejudice the rights of the parties at trial and is a voluntary process which is now strongly encouraged by the Courts in most civil cases.

David Gregson was appointed as a qualified commercial mediator by the Academy of Experts in 2002 and has undertaken mediations for a variety of clients since then. Court appointed mediations have been at London County Court, Cardiff County Court and Swansea County Court.

David Gregson is a member of Commercial Mediation West Wales, a mediation group whose members include a judge, a structural engineer and solicitors.

Commercial mediations can be undertaken on a half day or full day basis although the success for full day mediations is generally higher. A quotation for this service can be given on application. Appointments are accepted from private clients and Solicitors.