Building Surveys

When purchasing a residential property a buyer will sometimes require a detailed survey. This may be because the property is particularly old or of unusual construction, or of particular size and value.
A building or structural survey, is a comprehensive report which is tailored to the requirements of the client.  

All elements of the structure and services are checked and tested where needed. The report has an easy to follow format and can provide a valuation of the property if appropriate.  Specialist testing of elements of the structure or services can be arranged in conjunction with the survey.

Building surveys are normally completed within five to seven days of receipt of terms of engagement. The cost of these reports varies depending on the size and value of the property. As an indication, however, for reasonable sized properties built after 1800 our terms are generally as follows:

Value of the property not exceeding £400,000 £600.00 plus VAT
Value of the property in excess of £400,000 * £750.00 plus VAT
*This will increase for a very large or valuable property.